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Part of a family-owned business founded in 1963, Universal is the fire protection company of choice for commercial kitchens across PA, NJ, DE, MD, DC and VA.

We Know Commercial Kitchens!

Our family of companies has chosen to specialize in meeting the unique needs of the hospitality industry for over 50 years. That means you can rest easy knowing our certified technicians are highly experienced in fire safety equipment installation, maintenance and repair for commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Whether you’re purchasing a new kitchen fire extinguisher or getting a full fire suppression system installed, you can expect excellent customer service, reasonable prices and a superior product.

Our Family of Companies

Universal Fire Protection focuses on commercial fire suppression systems and equipment for the hospitality industry, and our parent and sister companies provide other restaurant essentials, such as stainless steel shelving, ventilation hoods, dishwashers, cleaning supplies, cooking grease filters, grease trap cleaning and more. Learn more about our other companies and the services they provide by clicking on the logos at the bottom of this page.

A System of Service

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